Friday, August 1, 2008

Pan Gallery

Now here is a project to challenge, terrify and excite - set up and manage an exhibition space dedicated to ceramic art.

As this blog progresses I hope to share some of the highs and lows that will undoubtedly present themselves in the running of this gallery. But to begin with - a high. The opening exhibition:

001First Show had a great response . There was quite a crowd on opening night and everyone was very encouraging.

Honestly, the biggest hit of the night was possibly the food made by my friend Teresa but the work did look spectacular.

It is really very exciting to be part of something with such a positive energy. I have to admit I'm pretty tired of the general despondency about the state of craft and, in particular, the plight of ceramics. I personally feel enthused and inspired by a great deal of contemporary ceramic work and I hope to help others experience more of it, more often.

On that note, how wonderful are these...

All these pieces were in Pan's first show and it felt like such an honour to be able to exhibit work from these talented Melbourne artists. All have work at Craft Vic .

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