Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And so we say farewell...

The Crosshatched project's closing event was a fitting finale to the exhibition space that was panGALLERY.

The ceramic work that filled the space encapsulated everything the gallery represented. Emerging, mid career and established artists were given the opportunity to showcase their skills, side by side, and the resulting decorated mudka were striking in the diversity of creative approaches. It was a joy to see the enthusiasm and generosity of spirit with which each artist approached the task.

This enthusiasm was, in part, due to the nature of the mudka and what they represent - craft in its truest form – born from need, functional, practical and beautiful. Watching  Manorah and Dahrmveer work was like a timely reminder of the qualities and aptitude of the skilled craftsperson. In Manorah’s wonderfully rounded mudka and Darhmveer’s delightful miniatures there is an effortless grace that can only come with well honed skills and the passing on of knowledge and tradition.

It’s been a wonderful experience working with many talented ceramicists, high quality art, a family of colleagues and a space that comfortably embraces its proletarian directness. I thank Northcote Pottery Supplies for promoting the work of ceramic artists in this way and continuing to support ceramics through an extended class and workshop programme.

Friday, April 29, 2011


At 7pm this evening the Crosshatched silent charity auction ends; at 8pm the Crosshatched project for 2011 reaches completion; in fact panGALLERY itself will exist only as a memory beyond this evening.

Yes, its the final pan event and it should be a blast.

What a magnificent finale. The Crosshatched project has captured the hearts and imaginations of craft people and craft lovers alike. What's not to like? Crosshatched at Pan blends traditional craft with the work of emerging, mid career and established artists and all for a wonderful cause.

Here is a photo montage, put together by Sandra Bowkett, that captures essence of the project better than any words can...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's under way

The kilns have been working overtime, as have all involved in Crosshatched at Pan. A rapidly diminishing stack of traditional mudka feature as the centre piece for the exhibition. My! those water pots are popular. 

Surrounding the 'stack' are mudka individually decorated by Australian artists. The silent auction to raise funds for a new energy efficient kiln in India, has begun. Bidding ends at 7pm at the Crosshatched at Pan closing event on Friday 29 April 6-8pm. For those not in the immediate vicinity I have posted an image of each piece. Feel free to give us a call on 9387 3911 and place a bid!

Item #1 Katie Jacobs

Item #2 Vipoo Srivilasa

Item #3 Sue Anderson

Item #4 Ann Ferguson 

Item #5 Nick Howson

Item #6 Sarah Faulkner

Item #7 Judi Singleton

Item #8 Jill Anderson

Item #9 Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

Item #10 Truly Southurst

Item #11 Fiona Hiscock

Item #12 & #13 Deborah Halpern

Item #14 Chris Pittard

Item #15 Mary-Lou Pittard

Item #16 Peter Ferguson

Item #17 Judi Singleton II

Item #18 Sue A Anderson

Item #19 Jan Saric

Item #20 Adrianna Christianson

But of course if you are in the vicinity please do pop in at any stage or join us at the closing event and final moments of the silent auction on Friday 29 April 6-8pm.

142-144 Weston St
Brunswick East VIC

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crosshatched at Pan

A while back ceramicist Sandra Bowkett approached me about a 'cross cultural collaboration' with potters and NGO's from India. She wondered if panGALLERY and Northcote Pottery Supplies would like to be involved. 

"Yes" I said.

Time has passed, plans have evolved, visas granted (eventually!) and Crosshatched at pan is now in full swing. It's wonderful to be taking part in this inspirational project.

Last week Manohar Lal and Dharmveer made Indian mudka (water pots) the traditional way in the workshop space at Northcote Pottery, as shown in the video above. 

This week these beautiful vessels are being decorated, with much joy, by many talented Melbourne artists, to be auctioned to raise funds to build a more energy efficient kiln in Kumhaar Gram, India.

From 19 to 29 April panGALLERY will exhibit an installation of traditional mudka, available for sale, and the silent auction for the collaborative mudka will begin. 

The Crosshatched closing event takes place on 
Friday 29 April 6-8pm 
auction concludes at 7pm

Participating artists:
Jill Anderson 
S A Anderson 
Sue J Anderson 
Adriana Christianson 
Sarah Faulkner 
Ann Ferguson 
Peter Ferguson 
Deborah Halpern 
Fiona Hiscock 
Nick Howson 
Katie Jacobs 
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen 
Chris Pittard  
Mary-Lou Pittard 
Jan Saric 
Judi Singleton 
Truly Southurst 
Vipoo Srivilasa 
Chris Wright

Friday, April 1, 2011

Forming Words participating artist: Connie Lichti

Bags in art are often metaphors for personal baggage. In order to present my thoughts on contemporary social and cultural forces, I have used images, words and numbers on porcelain bags to explore various trends in popular culture. Forces shaping popular culture include the promotion of consumerism, the creation of romantic ideals and the advance of technology, especially computer technology.    

Connie Lichti The sale is on 2011

Connie Lichti Romantic Ideals 2011

Connie Lichti Isolation 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forming Words participating artist: Mel Robson

My work explores the relationship between utilitarian objects and personal narrative – the histories, stories and associations that can become embedded in everyday objects, and the ways in which these objects can evoke memory and create connections between the past and present.

In working with these ideas I have often found myself drawn to text, in particular handwriting – old letters, diaries, recipes, shopping lists, notes etc   There is of course the obvious narrative component, but it is the more subtle intricacies and intimacies of handwriting that interest me, the little nuances, the way a word is underlined, the frequent use of exclamation marks (or lack of), the little messages and notes to would-be readers in a recipe (“enjoy!!”) and the slants, curls and whirls of each persons hand. It is inextricably linked to the personal and can provide an intimate and evocative interaction with the past.

Mel Robson Laura, Milly and Julie 2010

Mel Robson How was she to know? (detail) 2010

Mel Robson How was she to know? (detail) 2010

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Forming Words participating artist: Kylie Johnson

My ceramic art practice has always started and ended with words and poetry. Words are to my ceramic work like any mark, decoration, or design. As well as being a ceramic artist I am also a poet, and in my current practice it is these words that are used in the creation of my ceramic vessels.

It is important that in both mediums (on paper and on clay) the words are pared back, spaced, and laid out in a way that is both deliberate and happenstance at the same time. Each letter stamped into the clay is applied in a similar way to the organic nature of the vessel, creating work that in its mark and shape, hopefully harmonise. 
It is also a deliberate act to colour the text to look inky and brown, occasionally having another colour enter the mix highlighting a word or phrase. More often than not the poems (although most already existing) find their own rhythm on each pot, swirling, climbing, hiding amongst and along the simple hand built and draped vessels.

A strange thing has happened along the way also… I have found putting the words from the pages of my poetry books to a ceramic vessel has allowed the poems to have a different audience. Someone who wouldn’t normally like poetry in the form of lines on a page are led into it by means of clay. Some vessels need to be moved and turned to read the poem, some people touch to feel the indentation of words. The poem becomes an object that can be held… a keepsake, a message, a story… just in different clothes.

Kylie Johnson 2011

Kylie Johnson he unopened everyday 2011

Kylie Johnson and the stars like you 2011