Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forming Words participating artist: Mel Robson

My work explores the relationship between utilitarian objects and personal narrative – the histories, stories and associations that can become embedded in everyday objects, and the ways in which these objects can evoke memory and create connections between the past and present.

In working with these ideas I have often found myself drawn to text, in particular handwriting – old letters, diaries, recipes, shopping lists, notes etc   There is of course the obvious narrative component, but it is the more subtle intricacies and intimacies of handwriting that interest me, the little nuances, the way a word is underlined, the frequent use of exclamation marks (or lack of), the little messages and notes to would-be readers in a recipe (“enjoy!!”) and the slants, curls and whirls of each persons hand. It is inextricably linked to the personal and can provide an intimate and evocative interaction with the past.

Mel Robson Laura, Milly and Julie 2010

Mel Robson How was she to know? (detail) 2010

Mel Robson How was she to know? (detail) 2010

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