Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a kind of magic

Long time no post.
But only because we have been so busy!!!

The triennale was a wonderful experience and thank you to all who came and said hello. It was great to meet so many inspiring artists who have, until now, been only a name in an email.

Plans are taking shape for the jam packed months ahead. Entries are rolling in for Bottled and images of work are arriving for upcoming exhibitions.

First off the block for this second half of the year is

Lorraine Taylor, 2009

"Deliberate or unintentional, illusion is deception with many and varied effects. Six ceramic artists have chosen to investigate the concept of illusion and it’s presence in modern society. Facets of Illusion is an exhibition that explores the boundaries between image and reality in political, social and environmental realms. It questions that which is often taken for granted, challenging perceived notions of reality and playing with the diversion of visual illusion."

Facets of Illusion
sei donne ceramiste: Michele Berenger, Su Laird, Lyn Rose
Irris Szoeke, Lorraine Taylor and Jean Wilby
4 to 17 September 2009
Opening Thursday 3 September 6-8pm
Guest speaker Brian Keyte

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