Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And the award goes to...

Weeping Willows by Katie Jacobs.

Congratulation to Katie for her Bottled entry. Katie is the first ever recipient of the Pan Gallery Award and a very gracious and deserving recipient she is too.
The exhibition space really does look lovely,

thanks, in no small part, to our guest curators Kim Brockett and Anita Cummins from Craft Victoria.

And then, of course, there are the pieces! Should you not be able to visit, which I thoroughly recommend you do, here is your chance to view the 'bottles' on display.

Petra Svoboda Two Imperial Pints

Leah Jackson, Travelling Light

Chris Plumridge, Testae Ballet

Catherine Reid, Sole

Peter Pliven, Wood Fire Bottle

Lisa Gair, Milk Bottle

Pauline Meade, Bodies

Jane Walton, London 1919

Sue Cotton, Bottled Memories

Inrid Tufts, All Under Control

Claire Blake, Black Is The New Black

Heather May, Weeping Duo

Zoe Baker, Bottle Dysmorphia

Hilary Dobson, Loosed

Terry Marston, Little Boat/ Big Ocean

Sue Sanderson, Composition

Robyn Phelan, Vessels For 21st Century Epidemic

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