Wednesday, December 9, 2009

artists in residence

Showcasing the creative activities taking place behind the studio doors at Northcote Pottery Supplies, our last exhibition for the year is underway.

The works of five ceramic artists are represented and it is interesting that there is comparative cohesion in the works.

This is an exhibition without collaboration, in fact works only emerged from their respective studios (or kilns!) just days before the opening. Yet there is an underniable link between the different bodies of work. The use of porcelain or white stoneware proliferates, as do soft, muted tones and objects that have a vessel sentiment without necessarily being functional.

In this sense, this exhibition highlights the impact of time and place on an artists vocabulary.

Sara Knight, vessels, 2009
Ray Laurens, vessels, 2009

Wendy Reeve, Unseen Series I, 2009

Sophie Milne, Street Side Bottles, 2009

Sara Knight, vessels - sage and white set, 2009

Sophie Milne, Ceramic Insulator Beakers, 2009
Connie Lichti, untitled and Mummy I'm too big for this cot, 2009
Wendy Reeve, Unseen Series II, 2009
northcote pottery supplies
artist in residence exhibtion
4 to 19 december 2009

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