Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kath Wratten's 48 hours

I am a passionate believer in the power of the hand and heart made object, and of its practice (craft), as a reconnective force- an intimate exchange between human and material - making that considers and respects its resources in the creative process.
As an artist/maker, discovering clay has been a revelation. Using clay as my medium engages me in a rich, sensory interaction with my environment. I explore and express my sense of earth with earth itself.
My clay comes from an uprooted tree 200m from my studio. Dry clay crushed and sieved to a fine dust, hydrated by a bucket full of rain.

Mixing, squeezing, rolling, feeling. I marvel at its newborn fragility and strength. I roll small pieces under my palm and bend them with my fingers. The bird emerges. I make a flock of them. They dry overnight rested on the wood heater, still warm from the evenings fire.

I build a small brick box close to the embers of a burning-off bonfire. The residual warmth warms the work and kiln. I place layers of birds in sawdust gleaned from a recently sawn log. Using embers from the bonfire, I ignite the sawdust , cover the box and sit.

Kath Wrattan The Birds Fly 2010

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