Monday, July 12, 2010

Calling out louder


That's the date applications are due for Table Manners
Remember there is a prize of $1500.

So I hope the ceramic artists amongst our readers are having a thoughtful and creative time pondering...

 "an original artwork that embraces the dining table's most iconic representation of good manners: the cup and saucer. How does this usually inseperable pair address the issue of etiquette, or lack thereof, in today's social settings? Is there still a place at the table for the cup and saucer, and why should knowing which way to drink your tea and place your cup affect this inherently convivial ritual?"

For those who would like additional food for thought, here is a link to some musings on cups by US ceramic artist Peter Pinnell. It is rather long - you might like to make a cup of tea first!

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