Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And this year's winner is...

Nutz Luk Mei Fei, Cheers

Our congratulations go to Nutz for her winning entry in the Pan Gallery Ceramic Art Award. In her artist statement Nutz refers to the history of ceramics and tea etiquette, discussing the evolution of the cup and saucer form in relation to function and new materials. With Cheers she deconstructs and reconstructs the ingredients of clay, experimenting with active and passive manipulation and meditating on the value of existence.

Selecting a winning work is no easy task, as I'm sure our judge Kris Coad will attest. In her opening address Kris recounted personal experiences with table manners in different cultural situations and commented on the 'relic' nature of Nutz Luk Mei Fei's work. The piece reminded her of ceramic discoveries dredged from shipwrecks and referencing the table manners of bygone ages.

That's the happy artist pictured in the middle. 

More on the award to follow shortly.

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