Friday, March 25, 2011

Forming Words participating artist: Jane Walton

My work represents a period in time that echoes in the writings and markings of cultural influences. Whether it is an impression in clay from an ancient culture or a hand-written letter from the 19th century, markings and text conjure up memories and thoughts of other times.

Hand written text has the spirit of an individual. That moment of recognition triggers memories of the person and past experiences, we feel as if we can see and hear them as we read their writing.

Markings from ancient cultures record historical events in many different languages on ceramics, parchment, paper and other mediums. It can be ornate and functional recording invaluable knowledge of humanities cultural evolution.

Even though my work incorporates text and impressions it is only a trigger for the viewer into a place and time, remembered or imagined. 

Jane Walton Letter 2010 

Jane Walton Detective 2010 

Jane Walton Old England 2011

Jane Walton Vogue Pattern 2011

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