Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New works in porcelain by Mollie Bosworth

The official website for Kuranda, Queensland, describes the town as a "village in the rainforest". Sounds like heaven to this wind-weary Melbournite! Next month's visiting ceramic artist, Kuranda resident Mollie Bosworth, arrives, bringing with her artworks inspired and influenced by her tropical environment and love of gardening. Just what semi-industrial Brunswick East needs right now!

Consisting of wheel thrown and altered vessels, Mollie's new work takes full advantage of the forms to explore the interaction between internal and external surfaces. Imagery crawls around, over and in the pieces and appears in silhouette through the delicate porcelain walls. Flora, insects and butterfly images are positioned alongside tropical flowers and pieces of text, akin to a gardener's journal.

A practising Australian ceramic artist for over twenty years, Mollie is driven by the materials and creative processes inherent in working with porcelain. Exploring new ways to highlight the beauty of porcelain's translucency has led her to investigate technologies new to ceramics.

Mollie's recent body of work emloys photo editing software, laser print decals and water soluble ceramic colourants, resulting in innovative artworks while still paying homage to the traditions of this time honoured craft.

Mollie Bosworth
New works in porcelain
3 to 30 June 2010
opens Wed 2 June 6.00 to 8.00pm
with artist talk at 6.30pm

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Wen said...

The work looks gorgeous, can't wait to see them in the 'flesh'....