Monday, June 7, 2010

Mollie Bosworth

I just spent the last hour photographing Mollie Bosworth's spectacular porcelain works currently on show at Pan Gallery. As I looked through the images, intent on chosing a suitable selection to represent the exhibition on this blog, I realised, yet again, how images cannot do justice to ceramic objects.

Average photographer and difficult lighting circumstances not withstanding, the images fail to capture the way the objects inhabit space. Imagery and patterns wrap around and even travel through Mollie's fine porcelain forms encouraging the viewer to move in relation to the piece - orbiting as a leaf entices you around a curved wall, peering from above to admire how colour has seeped through the walls and bending to an angle that allows the light to emphasise translucency - a courteous dance takes place.

All too much to expect from an image really but when you have the works resonating next to you as I do right now the pressure is on to do them justice!

New Works in Porcelain by Mollie Bosworth runs to 30 June, which gives me a few more weeks to try my photographic best and attempt to share some elements of this beautiful show.

Intense Spot, 2010

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