Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All work and no play....

My excellent excuse for this belated post is this - when I should have been blogging I was instead 'playing' with the delightful works included in Ann Ferguson's exhibition Eye Spy. I was allowed! As was any visitor - young or old - who ventured into the landscape of Ann's ceramic world.

It is a rare treat to be invited to touch the work at an exhibition. The designated 'play space' in Eye Spy was an unexpected joy for many who, having visually contemplated and admired the works, realised the opportunity was there to create their own landscape.

Ann's passion for encouraging very young children to play with clay, and encouraging adults to let them, took form in this exhibition and the message will continue to reverberate with all who have and will experience Ann's work.

I must say - sometimes it's very hard to say goodbye to the work at the end of a show. 

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