Monday, December 6, 2010


The wonderful thing about Matthew Briscoe's work is it's ability to visually morph into something new with each new direction it is viewed. Avoiding wordy descriptions and explanations Matthew prefers to leave his works open for interpretation and enjoys the diversity of audience response to his works. 'Tiara', 'helmet', 'Escher', 'Opera House', 'spine', 'flower'... the list of words that have been used for comparison is endless.

The smooth, matt surface of the low fired stoneware forms allows a subtle reflection of light and the overlapping segments cast a variety of shadows on and around each piece. This interplay of light and shade encourages contemplation of the reconstructed and abstracted object, highlighting the fragmented nature of form.

Transformation is a fascinating exploration into the power of the object from this young and emerging artist. 

I look forward to following the direction of Matthew's work in the future.

Matthew Briscoe
runs to 22 Dec

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