Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Congratulations Robyn

Craft Victoria 2010 Fresh!  participant Robyn Hosking has been awarded the Northcote Pottery Ceramic Art Award, a gallery hosted exhibition at Pan Gallery in 2011. 

Robyn is a graduate of RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art - Ceramics) and we look forward to her exhibition with us next year.

'HMAS Follies Narcissus', Photography: Jeremy Dillon

In a world where our insatiable appetites for news and entertainment have created a market for sensationalism and the endless drone of 24 hour news channels, our culture has become a Bakhtinian carnival. Unable to distinguish reality from reality TV and war from family feud, we passively accept TV truths. 

My work launches a humorous, freewheeling attack on our desensitisation to the white noise and emptiness surrounding us. Looking like a hybrid between art, machine and toy, my sculptures maintain a circus-like sense of amusement and curiosity for the viewer, all the while sending up societal norms and politics. 

I like to celebrate the lavishly eccentric design of past eras and the sense of possibility it embodied. As hackneyed as it sounds, a Brave New World is upon us, stranger perhaps than our imaginations can conceive of. While my work casts a disparaging eye at the use of technology for inane and selfish reasons – from Botox to weaponry – it retains a playful, humorous edge. I am not interested in producing depressingly macabre images. Every work becomes a caricature or parody, as though the world is being viewed in a funfair’s distorted mirror. 
Robyn Hosking 2010

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