Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's the beginning of a...

Northcote Pottery Supplies is in the early stages of developing a collection of contemporary Australian ceramics. 

Established since the relocation of the business to Brunswick East the collection reflects this new beginning with works created from 2008. Emerging, mid career and established artists are represented in both functional and sculptural fields.

 Mabelle Marra Pisco Runa Bottle (detail) 2008

Artworks are sought through various means with a strong focus on those exhibited in Northcote Pottery’s own exhibition space, Pan Gallery. The collection aims to highlight innovation as well as creative and technical merit in Australian ceramics.

 Leah Jackson Travelling Light (detail) 2009

Twelve pieces. It is just the beginning of a collection but already themes and trends of contemporary Australian ceramics are starting to appear.

7 to 22 Feb 2011

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Adriana Christianson said...

Beautiful images , is the black spotty piece , Mollie Bosworth's?