Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forming Words

panGALLERY's current exhibition explores a popular trend in contemporary Australian ceramics that sees the inclusion of text on ceramic forms.

Eight Australian ceramicists exhibit works that explore how the written word can further our appreciation of a three dimensional artwork, merging text and form to convey a cohesive idea.

Here are some words that describe the response on opening night - peering, pondering, peeking... considering, conversing, carousing... analysing, appreciating and applauding. 

Curators Ingrid Tufts and Emidio Puglielli have done a beautiful job of highlighting the intricacies, themes and substance in this movement.

And the artists work... well more on that shortly...

Forming Words
4 to 25 March

Exhibiting artists: Jane Walton, Connie Lichti, Kylie Johnson, Mel Robson, Jan Downes, Ingrid Tufts, Wendy Hatfield-Witt and Sarit Cohen

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