Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Forming Words artist: Wendy Hatfield-Witt

I enjoy telling personal stories through text and image. Images create a story which can be open to interpretation and enable the viewer to find their own connection. Long before the written word images created their own narrative telling stories of life. Motifs evolved from beliefs and patterns represented an era. The decorative objects that we choose are a pivotal part of an individual’s identity and personality. Text is too literal for me. I enjoy adding images and textures as this completes the story.

Wendy Hatfield-Witt Sea Bottles 2011

Wendy Hatfield-Witt Sea Oval Dishes 2011

Wendy Hatfield-Witt Sea Set 2011

Sea set: The image is a box brownie photograph of my great grandparents fishing on their honeymoon. (Port Campbell Victoria). The nautical maps are from personal journeys. The text is extracts from Captain Cook’s diary, entered as he travelled up the east coast of Australia.

Wendy Hatfield-Witt Icon Beakers (detail) 2011

Icon Beakers: The beakers celebrate femininity. The staircases represent the accumulation of knowledge over time. Doors open and close often shaping or changing life’s destiny. The text represents memories and recorded stories. All women are angels: icons in their own way.

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