Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forming Words participating artist: Ingrid Tufts

I like typography. I like the way that letters form shapes. I like the delicacy of fine script and the boldness of large headlines. I use text as a design device, the words and sentences forming pattern.  

However it goes beyond decoration... The text is often integral to the meaning of my work and it is often inspired from literary works, and quotes.  Sometimes the text informs the shape; sometimes a piece of text just seems to fit the form. It alway contributes to the piece in some way - even if not apparent immediately. The text can shout or it can gently enhance. It can cajole and amuse. I read anything, quite randomly, it's involuntary. I have come to read and enjoy texts by the most tenuous of connection... a snippet here, a quote there... so I like it when people ask where text on my pots is from.

Ingrid Tufts Saint Cyril 2011 

Ingrid Tufts Be Kind 2011 

Ingrid Tufts Alphabet Soup (detail) 2011  

Ingrid Tufts Remembrance 2011  

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MET said...

Great work and beautiful!